Did you know the National Parks Department closed the “Electric Map” at Gettysburg on April 13th, 2008?

Let them know what you think of their actions.

Latschar has been plotting since the 1990’s to remove the Electric Map from Gettysburg!

“My personal reflection, when I first saw it in the 1990s, was that it was boring – I thought it took far longer than what it should have to tell the story that it was trying to tell, and it was telling that story in a fairly antiquated means,” said Dr. Latschar. “But there’s also another aspect to my opinion: I’m red-green-brown color blind…so I have a hard time distinguishing the lights. It’s something that people weren’t thinking about in the 1930s.”
John Latschar Gettysburg Times April 14,2008

What Can You Do?

  • Contact John Latschar and ask him why?
    • Read the Form Response they send.
      Write your email so they can not use this uncaring, illogical and canned response. Make them actually think to send you an email response.
    • By Phone: (717) 334-1124 ex436
    • By Email: John_Latschar@nps.gov
    • By Fax: (717) 334-1891 Attn: John Latschar – Superintendent, Gettysburg National Military Park
    • By Mail:
      Gettysburg National Military Park
      97 Taneytown Road
      Gettysburg, PA 17325-2804
    • By Email: Mary_Bomar@nps.gov – Director National Park Service
    • By Fax: (202) 208-7889 Attn: Mary Bomar – Director National Park Service
  • Call your State Senators and ask their offices to call John Latschar and Mary Bomar and ask them why?
  • Email ALL your friends with this web address. SaveTheElectricMap.com

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